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Victorian Pornography Picture
FFM Threesome
Ah, yes, the FFM threesome so beloved of men and women of every culture and age. You didn't think the Victorians were into such things? Nonesense! They loved the erotic possibilities of multiple sexual partners as much as anyone. Although the full on "orgy" might of been more a Roman myth than reality, these fun lovers of the early 1800's knew a good thing when they saw it!
victorian retro porn picture of a FFM Threesome
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This is a VERY early example of true hardcore Victorian pornography and you will admit it doesn't pull any punches. None of the feigned shyness or modesty of the nudes and softcore poses, this was pure hot sex and no bones about it. If you follow the link below the picture you'll see literally thousands of examples of this type of erotica and many much more EXTREME!

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